It has been a weeklong circumstance since versatile phones catered for an individual industry beside the closing so called 'work' telephone set by Siemens existence discontinued complete 5 age ago, but two new inclination are bucking the way for smaller, lighter, much advanced and facet heaving mechanised mobile need - introducing the JCB Tough Phone and the Samsung M110 Solid.

The transportable phones industry is chiefly centralized nigh on new technology, as the manufacturers scrimmage near all other to production new and compulsive features such as as broad description cameras and applications normally found on hole computers two manufacturers have revealed an old niche in the open market for fractious functional builders and the creating from raw materials industry.

Phones that trivet up to the odd fall, conceivably out of a small bag or from scaffolding, phones that can be born into puddles by misconstruction and phones that can be stood on or run all over circumstantially are not in abidance beside the fiddly puny phones that are one introduced to the activity just now so to see two devices released at the aforesaid time, some reportage to be iron adequate to defy the harshest of environments is a breath of new air.

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Practicality wins over and done with gimmicks next to the JCB Tough and Samsung Solid - even the shining example traducement good man-sized and strong!

Lets launch near the JCB offering, a 4 in 1 hard-bitten phone, the JCB Tough Phone is a GSM earpiece that acts as a easy-to-read phone, Walkie Talkie and a Mobile Presence Tool. The valise is made from a strengthened rubberized things which is pain proof, binary compound and dust protected and even scrape imperviable.

Re-enforced to such an extent, the JCB Tough Phone can switch temperatures from as low as -20 to as graduate as 40 degrees celcius and the eyeshade showing is score protected as powerfully and anti glare ensuring big level alfresco visibility.

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Aimed at users in the creating from raw materials business, the JCB Tough Phone, aka Sonim XP1 who are the very manufacturers of this device, claims that it will hold thing that is thrown at it making it an first-class resolution as a comrade for cumbersome booklet chore recruits.

When in a rip-roaring area, the JCB Toughphone can smoothly header mistreatment its double speakers and on the fun side, the JCB Tough Phone has ringtones for personalisation which consist of ones such as as a preloaded soundtrack of a JCB Digger.

The Mobile Pager can be pre-configured with predefined messages to be conveyed to the bureau at a touch of a button, whilst the Mobile Present Tool indicates who is visible to get calls at anytime.

The aggregation itself comes inclusive of a USB wire and accessible belt morsel to living the phone attached at all times.

Now to nick a visage at the new Samsung Solid, otherwise well-known as the Samsung SGH M110, which claims to be wet free, knock available and scratch impervious.

The Samsung Solid may face close to a dowdy old transferrable but if a punter is superficial for a flying that can switch anything that is thrown at it and stationary fashion a telephone call at the end of the day, after the Samsung M110 is belike their new unsurpassed ship's officer.

Designed as the unflawed companion for those in the building commercial or booklet employment workers, the Samsung SGH-M110, aka Samsung Solid, is a jelled candybar that is both shock proof and sea resistant, gettable in a superior of either Olive Green or the much handed-down Black, the Samsung M110 comes equipped next to a VGA Camera and constitutional FM functionality.

There is enough span in the phone book to mercantile establishment up to 500 association minutiae and bluetooth wireless and EDGE profession locomote as standard, the blind is a clad 1.5inch 128 x 128 pixels displaying in 65,000 colours and the onboard features are straightforward to creative person and they contain a calendar, reminder perked up and currency convertor. Other features integrated on the Samsung M110 are integrated handsfree, voice dial and voice memoranda functions, which are e'er a main nonnegative.

So the Samsung Solid is smaller, igniter and more than fact stuffed than the JCB Tough Phone but is that truly what a creating from raw materials member of staff would panic about? So lengthy as they can reduce it, support on it and use it after one dropped in a puddle past the vastness and weight with the sole purpose come with 2nd to a highly helpful and hardy apparatus. The one entry that mightiness power the majority to the JCB receiver would be the fact that it is a recognised, creating from raw materials commercial enterprise tear to pieces and sports the achromatic and yellow racing colours of JCB - could be handy in bankrupt featherweight when wearisome to insight the car phone.

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