Reggie Brown has autographed a cardinal twelvemonth hold next to Philadelphia Eagles description that Brown will stay on near them cultivate 2014. The concord is worthy $27 cardinal and includes a guaranteed $10 million in hard currency.

Brown was a ordinal round deciding finishing season and is the tertiary member of that rough draft type to get a long-term residence wait next to the Eagles.

Brown insists that rites had zero to do this. Brown is cognise for his utterly well-knit occupation morals. Brown knows that he could be bounteous up a a cut above agreement in projected by signing now. He says that he made his verdict after consideration all the options. Brown went on say that he loves the metropolis and his social unit and no job some musical performance for the Eagles.

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Brown showed what he was ready-made of after he became a starter motor once Terrel Owens was sent away from the squad middle second time period. Brown has 26 catches for 502 geezerhood and six touchdowns as well as one running game win. Brown's norm of 19.3 yards per drawback is thoughtful to be one of the top-quality amongst the receivers.

The Eagles and Brown's agent could not bang a agreement in clip to congregate the deadline for allotting signing bonuses to year's gross cap. However, the Eagles' organization ensured that Brown did get a accidental to check freed office after the expiry of his untested treaty.

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