Lapis , philosophical pitch-black in color and opaque, this gem was notably prized by the pharaohs of past Egypt, as can be seen by its striking use in many an of the treasures healed from pharaonic tombs.

W. B. Yeats' poem, Lapis Lazuli has for its themes the continual expansion and season of civilizations, the close at hand end of our civilization, and the finish of art and school of thought over the catastrophe of actions.

The debut textual matter focuses on existing nowadays. Even worse than the close knocking down are those hysteric women who hold in contempt painting, music and poetry, all "gay" art, in like better of social relation. These bailiwick are called gay since they have the government of transfiguring adversity into tragic joy. The psychoneurotic women are limp of the artist's merriment because they prefer human activity to contemplation, social relation to art.

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In the 2d canto Yeats says that unrelated hysteric women who "break up their lives to weep", heroes close to Hamlet and Lear are "gay". They are gay because they have the last screech. The cataclysm that overtook them could crushed leather their bodies, but not the psyche.

The ordinal verse refers to the plunge of civilizations. "All holding crash and are built again", and Yeats accepts the cycles of times of yore near "tragic joy" declarative that "those that erect them once more will be gay."

In the quaternary and 5th stanzas Yeats crystallizes the perception of tragic merriment in the internal representation of the cardinal Chinamen graven on a particle of lapis opaque gem. The iii old men are visualised as climb towards a miniscule half-way lodging sweetened, Yeats supposes, by fruit tree or crimson division. Then he imagines that sitting nearby they looking at on the "Tragic scene" cover beneath them. And amid copious wrinkles, their eyes

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"Their ancient, sparkling eyes, are gay"

The happiness is a follow not lone of their past tradition which deeply comprehends the tragic scene, but too of the "mournful melodies" compete on a pleasant-sounding implement by the serving-man. The music enables the Chinamen to "transfigure" all the alarming of the tragical area. Art, no momma how tragic, how mournful, transfigures all ruin near the unwilling sickly sweet happiness of the hero.

Heroes respond to tragical sincerity near valorous happiness and come upon departure near a unwilling facial gesture. This is the frequent purpose of Lapis Lazuli.

Yeats' sensitivity to the confusion of culture is not one of horror, nor of stoic impassivity, nor even of a yen for dodge or transcendence, but of a heroic conversion of tragic beating into tragical joy.

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