Prior to order memorials, headstones or gravestones you inevitability to regard the churches regulations in position of what is suitable. Your NAMM or BRAM mason will be competent to offer you guidance in this.
Each house of worship will have its own regulations, to a lower place is an sample of the topics they will indemnity.

o Materials

o Dimensions

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o Base and Foundation Slab

o Designs

o Sculpture

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o Inscriptions

o Commemoration after Cremation

o Trademarks

o Upkeep

Examples of topics in greater depth:

Headstones Size

o No more than 4ft nor smaller amount than 2ft 6in full (1200mm, 750mm);

o No much than 3ft nor little than 1ft 8in broad (900mm, 500mm);

o No more than than 6in nor smaller quantity than 3in deep (150mm, 75mm), unless tablet is to be used in which causa a concreteness of 2in (50mm) is permitted;

o In the case of newborn burials, headstones must be no little than 2ft x 1ft 3in x 2in (600mm x 375mm x 50mm).

A podium forming an intrinsical component part of the pattern of a keystone may be included, provided it does not work more than than 2in (50mm) beyond the keystone in any way and provided that it is permanent on a reinforcement block of an approved matter which itself is predetermined blush with the flooring and extending 3in to 5in (75mm to 125mm) all corpulent so that a mower may freely go by completed it. If desired, the underpinning may take in the provision of a cavity to get a vase, in which defence it may broaden by up to 7in (175mm) transfer of the key.
Memorial Materials

The shadowing sandstone is permitted:

Limestone: Portland



Hopton Wood




Sandstone: York

Slate: Blue/Black (Cornish)

Grey/Blue (Welsh)

Green (Westmoreland)

Granite: Light to atmosphere grey


Polished limestone or mirror coating is not permissible. Coloured lettering is not permitted set free as follows:

Nabresina sedimentary rock may have the written material picked out in lighter-than-air blueish matt;

Slate may have the written material picked out in achromatic matt;

Granite may have the inscription picked out in achromatic mat.


Incumbents should call for an surgical image of the planned inscription earlier approbatory an application. Photographs or representations of objects or motifs specified as a child's toy are not permitted nor the use of 'pet names'. Bronze or earthen inserts are not to be used. Badges, crests or emblems may be utilized provided they are proper and take over for the asleep. Any likeness will stipulation to be designed so that it may be accurately cut by a skilful craftsman. Masons' or carpenters' names, signs or results may be celebrated on any construction provided their post and outline are unassuming having item to the memorial as a livelong.

Regard essential be had to condition and safety concerns, and to topical commercial enterprise standards for the improvement of monuments safely and securely.


Either even beside the ground or elevated not more than 9in (225mm) above a base, extending not smaller number than 3in (75mm) all moonlike and itself inflame with the turf; inclusive measurements not more than than 7ft (2100 mm) by 3ft (900mm).


An superjacent may NOT authorization to the prelude of a cross, for crosses have been too freely nearly new in inhumation private grounds in the ancient. Such monuments want a last regulation of designing. However, the incumbent may endorse the temporal foreword of a unproblematic woody mixture to mark a recent inhumation. A copper-base alloy spot pose the autograph and dates of the departed may be basifixed to the bad-tempered. Such pass through must be separate upon the hard-on of a kernel shrine or after a fundamental measure of 18 months, whichever be the earlier.


For the elusion of doubt, the subsequent to are not permitted:

i. kerbs, railings, barrier or chippings as these write elbow grease or hazard when mowing;

ii. memorials in the spatiality of vases, hearts, start on books;

iii. memorials incorporating photographs or portraits;

iv. mementoes, windmills, toys or pocket-sized animals;

v. the use of 'pet names

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