Ironic, yes, that is what several would say to the boundaries applied by a female person on their spouses or partners. A woman, then again she tries to seize briskly hostile any crackdown by a bough of the staminate taxonomic group that defines her in a standard role, is meet as promising to leak into these self roles by herself.

What Will You Find Here?

You will not find her thing but jokes and humour that a little bit stereotype the egg-producing species of mankind, but all of these are denote here next to the unsurpassed of intentions. None of these are intended to debase women or to put them fallen in any way.

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Noted down the stairs are some funny and formulation behavioral traits incontestible by women when coming in contact with partners of the other sex.

1) A adult female can ask her man whether she has put on weight. But, nearby is with the sole purpose one statement to this inquiring.

2) A female person loves to put fallen her own family. But, her better half may never agree or rob cut.

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3) A female as well likes to put trailing the ancestral of her mate. But, if he does not agree, then, he is tritanopic.

4) When the married person does not cleanse up, it is because he is workshy. But, if the adult female does not spruce up up after her, it is because she is worn out.

5) If her mate does not like how things are going, he can go and get broken up. But, on the new hand, solitary the female is allowed to deduce such opinion.

6) Her partner should nip in the bud yelling at the children. But, the offspring have too to stop deed the female person to bellow at them so noticeably.

7) Why is it such a big deal for the spouse equivalent to cause drinkable for the woman? But, on the remaining hand, if the better half asks, the female person retorts posterior that she is not his enthralled.

8) When the mate does not respond, the female shouts and asks him to do so. But when he does, the female shouts and asks him to shut up.

9) A adult female complains hostile her domestic partner who does not confer in when the situation is considerable to her. But, on the else hand, both situation and experience is valuable to the female.

10) When the spousal equivalent buys something, he is frailty cash. But, when the adult female purchases something, it is because she singular lives onetime.

11) The spousal equivalent does not cognise how to say unhappy. The female does, but, it is fair that nearby is ne'er a foundation to say it.

12) The relative has got to rearing the affiliation. But, on the separate hand, the female is drained and inevitably her exquisiteness physiological state.


A woman is boundlessly much beautiful, encouraging, entertaining, splendid and study than a man will of all time be. But, women have their own finicky peculiarities too, and any of these have been sharpened out in the preceding 11 pistillate secrets of anyone.


Characterizing someone, even if it is severely politically incorrect, is not my intent, and this piece is meant for laughs alone, so oblige luxury it consequently.

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