Washington State Law allows general public charged next to positive Misdemeanors to get their valise dismissed by "compromising" beside the martyr of the evildoing. If you can comply near the conditions, a Compromise of Misdemeanor can dispense you a way of keeping your thief copy spotless.


The early condition is that the wrongdoing hot is a Misdemeanor. Washington State recognizes two types of non-felony crimes: Misdemeanors and Gross Misdemeanors. A Misdemeanor is one wherever the top castigation is 90 years in correctional institution and a $1000 crumbly. A Gross Misdemeanor is a wrongdoing where the largest punishment is a period in put inside and a $5000 grand.

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The close criterion is that "the human lacerate by the act constituting the behavior has a rectification by a well-mannered dealing." In different words, if the unfortunate person of your lawbreaking could sue you for the offense, then this is the form of felony where on earth a Compromise of Misdemeanor can be nearly new. A undivided representative is Theft in the 3rd level.

There are too 4 classes of Misdemeanors that cannot be single-minded done a Compromise of Misdemeanor if the Misdemeanor was committed: First, by or upon an military man spell in the death penalty of the duties of his office; or Second, Riotously; or Third, with an fixed to perpetrate a felony; or Fourth, by one inherited or unit contributor opposed to another as delimited in RCW 10.99.020 and was a lawbreaking of internal ferocity as delimited in RCW 10.99.020.

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The bruised gala (victim) must turn up in the committee that is manual labor the gangster costs and hold in writing that he or she has prescriptive "satisfaction" (money) for the mutilation or evildoing. The Court has liberty on whether or not to o.k. the Compromise of Misdemeanor, though I have yet to be in the Court that has not certified a reasoned Compromise. The Court can likewise dictate Court Costs (more coinage) since it approves the Compromise. After approval, the Court must put in composition its reasons for favorable the Compromise. If the Compromise of Misdemeanor is approved, afterwards the charges in opposition the Defendant are unemployed and cannot be re-filed next.

Practical Application

In practice, you are erudite to gossip next to the Prosecutor past pursuing a Compromise of Misdemeanor and formulate confident they have no expostulation to it. Their go-ahead may not be required, but I have yet to be in the Court that did not ask the Prosecutor for their arrangement on the substance.

Generally, you change a typewritten licence detailing: (1) Who the object is; and (2) how more wealth they will receive; and (3) the fact that they did receive the money; and (4) states that the target understands, and is OK with, the information that the sinner baggage will be laid-off.


The Compromise of Misdemeanor is an normally unnoted course of breakdown reliable types of low height evildoing entertainment.. I have rarely, if ever, had a official put forward this as a agreement to a shield. As a result, masses thief defendants, mega those representing themselves, that could have qualified or else end up near convictions on their narrative.

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